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Jason Benavides

Fitness Coach

Jason is a sport and fitness coach. After not being involved in sports throughout middle or high school, Jason became a first-time athlete in college. Through hard work and determination he became a long-distance runner for a Division 1 university, UT San Antonio.

This truly changed his life as he experienced first-hand the power of what improving your fitness can do for you. While in college it improved his intellectual performance (full-scholarship+stipend), self-esteem and, yes, his physique.

And now his mission is help others experience their own peak fitness.

He started coaching middle school through college athletes in 2000. Later, Jason went on to work for a commercial gym, where he helped many lose weight and run faster 5Ks to half-marathons.

Getting back to his roots, Jason opened up Octane Athletic Performance, a fitness and sport training facility, for everyday people and athletes alike.

Octane’s athletic programs focus on improving sport performance through developing speed, strength and injury prevention.

Cyndi Santacroce

Fitness Trainer

Accountability coach Cyndi Santacroce, an El Paso native, started at Octane as a client more than two years ago. She is now passionately leading the way for new members, helping them learn about nutrition and fitness and providing constant motivation.

Cyndi has called San Antonio home for more than 19 years now and enjoys anything sport-related, be it playing the game or supporting her favorite team. Spending time with her family and friends is top of her list on her off-time.  She travels extensively…and she claims to be an expert packer.

Chris Funderburk

Fitness Trainer

As a Health major at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Chris has studied and learned biomechanics, human muscular anatomy, and the nutrition the body needs to properly provide it fuel. Having a strong understanding of these topics has allowed him to not only improve his fitness, but also to pursue a career in helping others to do the same.

Fitness has played a crucial role in his personal life. Chris’s passion for fitness goes beyond just working out and trying to look good–it has helped him to improve his quality of life. This is why he is excited for the opportunity to help others achieve their goals and improve their lives as well.

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